Elizabeth Holmes May Have Married Boyfriend Billy Evans in Secret

Elizabeth Holmes May Have Married Boyfriend Billy Evans in Secret

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Today in news you didn't exactly see coming: Professional scammer and disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes reportedly married her boyfriend Billy Evans in secret. The unexpected tidbit comes after an alleged "friend" of the couple leaked the info to the podcast “B*tch Sesh” during a live event in San Francisco over the weekend.

According to an audience member who spoke to Page Six, the event included an open-mic session where anyone could go up and share a piece of gossip. "This girl said she's a friend of Billy's and claimed he and Elizabeth are already married," the source said per Page Six. "This girl said she was close with Billy and she'd had 'Friendsgiving' with him and Elizabeth. She was sharing details like the fact they have a stripper pole in their apartment. The room audibly gasped, and this girl got a standing ovation. And a shirt!”

Back in March, reports alleged that Holmes had gotten engaged to Evans, a 27-year-old heir to Evans Hotel Group. While it's unclear how they met, the couple has been living together in a luxury apartment in San Francisco while Holmes awaits trail on 11 criminal felony counts that include wire fraud and conspiracy. She faces up to 20 years in prison after investors accused her of lying about the technology behind her company Theranos, which she had claimed would revolutionize the blood-testing industry.

Holmes has become the subject of fascination, particularly after documentaries like HBO's The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley have traced her story and described how she went from Forbes' wealthiest self-made female billionaire to a woman facing criminal charges. People got curious about Evans after it was reported that they were dating, and some social media users even uncovered photos that showed them together on their personal Instagram accounts.

According to the New York Post, Evans' family has not been excited about the relationship. “His family is like, 'What the f-k are you doing?' It's like he's been brainwashed. He says, 'The media has it all wrong about her,'” a source told the publication.

Given the alleged family reaction and the pending concern about Holmes' imprisonment, a secret wedding makes a lot of sense -but we're guessing neither of them are going to confirm the rumors any time soon. We'll have to wait for another open mic podcast night to see if any other friends share more details on the decor, dress or menus.

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