6 Creative Ways to Serve Late-Night Wedding Snacks

6 Creative Ways to Serve Late-Night Wedding Snacks

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The party may be wrapping up, but by the end of the night your wedding guests have worked off their dinner on the dance floor, and are more than likely looking for something to eat to help ward off tomorrow's inevitable hangover. If you have the budget, talk to your wedding caterer about doing a post-party cocktail hour of sorts - with easy small bites, and totally portable snacks. Here are six creative ways to satisfy your guests' late-night munchies.

Food on a Stick

If your guests are hopping straight onto a bus or into a cab to make it back to the hotel - send them home with an easy-to-eat snack on the go. Try mini corn dogs, with small containers of ketchup and mustard they can carry with them. Or go a little healthier and do a caprese salad stick - skewer the mozzarella, basil and tomato and finish with a balsamic drizzle.

Wrap it Up

Nothing makes carry out food easier than pastry or phyllo dough. That's because they can hold virtually any of you and your groom's go-to late night food. Try a Philly cheesesteak, disguised as an egg roll. Or if you're having a southern affair, ask your caterer if they can pull of pulled pork pop-tarts - yes, you read that right!

Make It a Shooter

Go old school comfort food with tomato soup shooters and grilled cheese sticks for dipping. Feel like it's been done? Try a twist, using the same presentation: A bisque shooter with a lobster claw, a nacho cheese dip with tortilla strips, a cocktail sauce shooter with shrimp, or French toast strips with maple syrup in a shot glass.

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Go Mini

You've probably already figured out that a muffin tin can be your home kitchen's best friend, so chances are your caterer has too! Ask them to put that tin to good use with mini taco cups (wonton wrappers stuffed with beans, taco meat, salsa, and guac), mini meatloaves, or even mini fritattas if your party has gone so late, they're already ready for breakfast.

Update the Bar

Surely you can pull off a burger slider bar, but there are some delicious twists we bet your guest will be all over. Southern belles will fall for a biscuit bar, with ham, mustard, pimento cheese, and pickle toppings. Throwing a Jewish wedding? Try a brisket slider or play up a deli classic with mini pastrami sandwiches. Want to make it a fiesta? Serve up mini taco shells, and all the fixings. Of course, there's the ultimate late night snack: A popcorn bar with different flavored kernels and a smattering of seasonings.

Serve It in a Cone

A cone is the ultimate serving vessel for carrying munchies out of the party. And we're not just talking fries and tater tots wrapped up in a paper sleeve. Wrap nuggets in waffle cones, and try a few varieties, like buffalo and blue cheese or parmesan crusted. Or serve spicy ahi tuna, in a crips sesame cone with a seaweed lining. The possibilities are endless.