Kate Middleton and Prince William Wore Matching Outfits at Wimbledon

Kate Middleton and Prince William Wore Matching Outfits at Wimbledon

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Wimbledon may be a day for tennis whites, but Kate Middleton and Prince William brought out the royal blues.

The royal couple attended the Wimbledon Men's Single Final on Sunday wearing matching powder blue outfits. Kate wore a dress by British designer Emilia Wickstead, according to The Sun, and Prince William complemented her look in a grey suit, light blue shirt and matching tie. Both of the royals accessorized their look with a pair of dark sunglasses. The rest of Kate's family, including her sister, Pippa Middleton, her mom, Carol Middleton, and her brother, James Middleton were all also in attendance.

Not only did the royal squad get to take in an exciting match, but William and Kate also got to take home a gift for Prince Louis. According to The Mirror, tennis champ Stan Smith gifted the couple a pair of signed Adidas sneakers (Stan Smith's, of course) for their son. And he isn't the only young royal to be adding some tennis into his life: Earlier this week, Prince George reportedly took a tennis lesson with famed tennis player Roger Federer who said that the 5-year-old already has a "good swing."

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This marks Kate Middleton's third appearance at the 2019 Wimbledon. She made an appearance at the Ladies' Singles Final alongside Meghan Markle earlier this week, marking the anniversary of the first time they attended the event in 2017-which was their first public appearance together. "“Kate and Meghan had always planned to attend the final together," a source told Elle. "Not only is it something that they enjoy, it's also a chance to remind people that the tabloid stories about their relationship have been wide of the mark."

While Markle didn't make it to Sunday's event, she does have other big plans for the day: She and Prince Harry reportedly have plans to Prince Harry attend The Lion King premiere this evening in London. Parents' day out, indeed.

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