Sophie Turner Is Celebrating Her Bachelorette Party With BFF Maisie Williams

Sophie Turner Is Celebrating Her Bachelorette Party With BFF Maisie Williams

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Forget Winterfell-Sansa and Arya Stark just reunited in Benidorm, Spain, for what appears to be an epic bachelorette celebration!

Us Weekly confirmed that Sophie Turner, who is set to wed husband Joe Jonas for the second time in France this summer, is whooping it up overseas with the likes of Maisie Williams, Spanish Princess star Nadia Parkes and friend Blair Noel Croce, to celebrate her impending nuptials.

Parkes shared a photo of the gang boarding their Ryanair plane on Instagram on Monday, June 10. “Ryanair looking good these days,” she wrote.

The group also struck a pose once aboard the aircraft, in which Williams, 22, could be seen holding a champagne glass while Turner, 23, gave a cool stare in a pair of shades and a bride-to-be sash via a photo from Ellie Wasserberg.

They later appeared to lounge in matching gray robes, with the Game of Thrones alums sitting side-by-side, as seen on Parkes' page.

Croce, for her part, showed off some of the group's shenanigans on Instagram, noting that they got off to a bit of a rocky start. “We can't have nice things,” she captioned a shot of three of Turner's pals showing off some fast food. “The entire plane spilled their McDonald's & drinks on take off. Bless that flight attendant's heart.”

By nightfall, however, the ladies seemed to have found their groove, hitting the town in a bevy of multi-colored wigs.

Croce, dressed in a purple hairpiece, shared now and then photos of herself with the bachelorette, who opted for a red, yellow, blue, purple and pink masterpiec.

"Some things never change," she wrote.

Turner's sash later returned for the group's evening shenanigans, as seen in a snap from Maddie Spalding. She also added a brand new bridal accessory to her getup in the former of a frilly white garter.

The rest of her party also got into the wigged-out look, including Williams, who stood front and center for a group photo in a cotton candy pink bob.

The next day, the women were back in action, hitting the streets of Benidorm in their day clothes, per Wasserberg's Instagram Stories.

Though Williams wasn't in attendance at her bestie's first wedding ceremony to Jonas, 29, which took place in Las Vegas in May, Turner revealed to Entertainment Tonight in April that her former costar will be one of two maids of honor in her more formal nuptials. “I'm giving her the bridesmaid dress!” she said at the time.

Last month, it was Jonas's turn to party it up with his pals-the DNCE frontman boarded a yacht in Ibiza with brothers Kevin and Nick, plus bandmate Cole Whittle and Danielle Jonas's brother, Mike Deleasa.

The bride and groom's friends will all be celebrating together soon: An insider told Us Weekly in May that the newlyweds plan to have an epic bash after their "I dos."

“Joe and Sophie want to have a huge party,” the source said. “The decor is going to be sophisticated, but there'll be some kitschy elements, including a really wild cake, the source said. “There'll be a live band, and the Jonas Brothers are expected to take the stage.”

Ummm… can we get an invite?

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