This Bride Sent Her Guests a Two-Page Letter Detailing the Dos and Don'ts for Her Wedding

This Bride Sent Her Guests a Two-Page Letter Detailing the Dos and Don'ts for Her Wedding

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When it comes to your wedding day, you undoubtedly want things to go off without a hitch, so checklists and timelines can be a big help. They can also put guests off, however, as one bride learned when sent her friends and family members the full rundown of her nuptials in the form of a two-page letter.

In the pages, which were originally shared in the Facebook group “That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming,” and obtained by The Sun, the bride shares everything from the schedule of events to dress code specifications for her ceremony with astounding specificity.

Things start off innocently enough, with the woman apologizing for getting her invites out late and expressing her understanding for guests that couldn't make her mid-week ceremony on such short notice.

She also gives her loved ones an update on other ways they can be part of her special day, including a Facebook Live, where the wedding will be live-streamed, a potluck and a honeymoon fund donation.

Her letter quickly take a turn for the strange, however, in the “P.S.” section-er, sections-of the letter.

The first is a stern request for guests not to wear anything in a champagne or pink hue. “My dress is blush pink with rose gold detailing so please do not wear anything that is a champagne color or pink of any kind,” she wrote, adding, “I don't care if you wear any other color, even white is OK.”

The second P.P.S. is a bizarre explanation of the types of desserts that would be served at the reception. “The reception will serve four types of cookies: ginger snap, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and Pb,” she wrote. “We will have both cupcakes and regular cake for the wedding cake. The main intention was easy portion for children but all are welcome. We will also have regular and almond milk for dunking. Almond milk will be unsweetened vanilla since cookies are sweet enough.”

The bride finished her treat details by writing, “It is a small reception so it is not a lot of food. Please eat something before arriving.”

From there, she went on to include two more P.S.'s, one of which noted that details for her potluck would soon be posted to Facebook.

The final note took the cake, however, doling out strict instructions for guests to RSVP.

“P.P.P.P.S.,” she began. “If you do not respond to the RSVP email found on the back of the invite we will not have a chair for you at the ceremony and you can not stay at the reception. My MC WILL ask you to leave… Still RSVP even if you have told me in person yes or no, I will only stand by what I receive in email. No surprise show-ups are welcome. If you intend on surprising me or my fiancé alert opposite spouse."

According to The Sun, the letter left the Facebook group at a loss, with comments of "I am so confused. What is happening and when? It seems like this could have been accomplished more clearly in about six bullet points instead of this stream of consciousness mess,” and "Feel like I deserve an invite to the wedding after taking all that time to read that letter."

There were some who stuck up for the thorough bride, however, with one commenter writing, "Ahh bless her. I can tell she's a worrier. It's kind of sweet."

Added another: "You can tell the poor thing is stressed and is the type who doesn't want to inconvenience everyone."

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