Plus One 101: Tips for Being the Best 'and Guest' Ever

Plus One 101: Tips for Being the Best 'and Guest' Ever

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Whether it's your new boyfriend or your BFF, being asked to attend a wedding as someone's plus-one is pretty exciting. A chance to dress up, eat a good meal, have a few drinks, and get down on the dance floor - what's not to love? But there's a little more to it than just showing up. Our experts have a few tips for being the best "and guest" a bride and groom could ask for.

Since you weren't included on the actual invitation, being a plus one actually comes with a little more pressure than you'd think. You should pay close attention to things like the RSVP deadline, ceremony start time, and dress code. Being prompt and properly dressed is a great way to show your respect (as well as thanks!) to the happy couple. And make sure your full name (first and last) is included on the RSVP card, so the hosts know who to expect and can include your name on their seating chart instead of just "and Guest."

If you've met the couple before, make sure to stop by and congratulate them after the ceremony. Don't take up too much time (they have a lot of other guests to greet!) but do be sure to thank them for having you as part of their celebration. If you've never met before, ask your date to introduce you.

Another challenge plus-ones face: To gift or not to gift? If you've met the couple before (say you're the new girlfriend of the groom's college roommate, but haven't been dating long enough to be added to the invitation by name), chip in to cover part of your date's gift. Are you and the bride complete strangers? You aren't required to buy a gift, or even pay for part of your date's gift. However, you may want to include a card with your date's gift thanking the couple for a wonderful evening and congratulating them on their marriage.

This last tip almost goes without saying. Be on your best behavior! Make sure the happy couple is thrilled that you came, not wishing they'd skipped inviting "plus ones" altogether.


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