Wells Adams Shuts Down Rumors That Sarah Hyland Will Pay for Her Own Engagement Ring

Wells Adams Shuts Down Rumors That Sarah Hyland Will Pay for Her Own Engagement Ring

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Bachelor in Paradise's Wells Adams is not here for rumors that his girlfriend, Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland, will pay for her own engagement ring.

The reality star spoke on the latest episode of his podcast, Your Favorite Things, explaining his frustration over the rumors that he can't afford to buy Hyland an engagement ring.

“Can I go on the record right here? I will pay for this ring, I promise you. It will come out of my bank account, okay?” Wells, 34, said to his cohost, Brandi Cyrus. He added that he doesn't like when fans assume that Hyland pays for everything in their relationship.

Adams's announcement came after The Bobby Bones Show hosts Bobby Bones, Lunchbox, and Amy Brown joked that Hyland, 28, would be “buying the ring.” According to People, Adams and the Bobby Bones Show hosts work together at iHeartRadio, making the accusations even more hurtful.

The couple, who started dating in 2017, have been living together in Los Angeles since August 2018. Hyland previously told People that the move made them closer as a couple.

“I don't think it's been long enough to discover pet peeves with each other,” Hyland said. “I think we're in the honeymoon phase of living together. It's good that nothing is already starting, because then I think that would be a bad sign.”

Though Adams has yet to pop the question, he is already looking forward to their big day. He previously told Us Weekly that he had a few ideas up his sleeve for their occasion. "What's my vision? I want our dogs to be involved in the ceremony," he previously told the publication. "That's gonna be important."

He also said that in addition to taking the traditional route of buying his own wedding ring, he thinks that Hyland should be the one to pick the wedding's theme. Though we appreciate Adams's conventional opinions, it's perfectly normal for brides to buy their own engagement rings. A 2013 article by The Cut, reported that more couples are choosing to split the cost of the ring in order to afford a larger rock. Not to mention, many women feel empowered by the act of buying their own wedding bling (and it's sure to mean you'll love the design of the bauble).

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