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Do I Have to Wear My Garter for the Entire Wedding?

Do I Have to Wear My Garter for the Entire Wedding?

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Whether or not you're planning to do a garter toss during your wedding reception, a garter is a traditional (and intimate!) item of clothing that many brides opt to wear - even if they don't need help holding up their hose! A big reason some brides decide NOT to wear one? Well, having a piece of fabric around your upper thigh all day doesn't necessarily sound comfortable, does it? If you do decide that you want to add a garter to your wedding-day outfit, but are worried it won't feel so nice or might fall down, do you have to wear your garter all day? Our experts weigh in.

You've got a few different options when it comes to wearing a garter on your wedding day. The first is to wear the garter all day, whether or not your groom will be removing it and throwing it into a crowd of his buddies later in the evening. Worried about comfort? Look for a style that's made of soft stretch lace (that will lay flat against your skin) instead of one made of gathered fabric. It's the same type of fabric that some lace panties (like Hanky Panky) are made from, so it will be stretchy enough to fit snugly around your leg, without any pieces that stick out and could cause irritation.

If you've got your eye on something more ornate, or on a garter set that includes one for you to keep and a less fancy one for your groom to toss, you could always keep it in your purse until a few moments before the garter toss, then head to the bathroom, slip it on, and head for the dance floor - we won't tell anyone you weren't wearing it all night!

You could also decide to treat your garter as part of your wedding-night lingerie instead of your wedding-day look. In that case, pick one that matches the set you've purchased for your first night as newlyweds, and stash it away until you've gotten back to the honeymoon suite.


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