New Girl 's Hannah Simone Is Married-and Pregnant!

New Girl 's Hannah Simone Is Married-and Pregnant!

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This New Girl might be expecting one herself! Hannah Simone, who stars on the Fox hit alongside Zooey Deschanel, is reportedly pregnant with her first child! But that's not the only surprise this star has in store. Simone has also secretly tied the knot, joining the ranks of other celebs who have thrown secret weddings-like her New Girl costar! (Can we be a part of this super-cool club, please?!) Here's everything we know about Simone and boyfriend, ahem, husband Jesse Giddings's big surprises.

Excuse us, Hannah, but why did we not receive an invite to these nupitals? According to Us Weekly, several sources recently divulged that the New Girl actress and artist/entertainer Jesse Giddings actually tied the knot last year. Last year?! These two have been rocking that newlywed glow since last year and we didn't notice? Shame on us.

The gossip mag reports that the couple allegedly married in July of 2016 in an intimate wedding ceremony-although they've never publicly confirmed their relationship status, opting to keep their romance under wraps.

Despite trying to keep things low-key, Simone does often make appearances on Giddings's Instagram page, posing for selfies and cute snapshots with her alleged hubby.

"Congratulations to the most beautiful, talented, fascinating, badass girl I know," Giddings once captioned a photo of Simone on his social-media page, congratulating her for filming 100 episodes of her Fox hit. That definitely sounds like some sweet spousal support if we've ever heard it!

But marriage is allegedly not the only change in this actress's life. Sources are also reporting that Simon and Giddings are expecting their first child together. Gahhh! A wedding and a baby?! We just can't keep with you, Hannah!

Although this bun-in-the-oven rumor is, well, a rumor, it does add up. As People magazine points out, Simone's character, Cece, just discovered that she's pregnant on New Girl's season finale. Hmm…


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