Serena Williams FINALLY Shows Off Her Engagement Ring

Serena Williams FINALLY Shows Off Her Engagement Ring

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Thank goodness Serena Williams has the upper body strength of a tennis champion. Otherwise, she may not have be able to lift her new rock. Yep, the new engagement ring of the 35-year-old star athlete is seriously that big. Over the holidays, Williams became engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian while vacationing in Rome. And finally, finally, finally the tennis pro revealed her bridal bauble, where else but, on Reddit!

Oh engagement season, how we love thee… Is there any other time when we're so constantly blinded by the new (and generally insane) sparklers of our favorite celebs? Ashley Greene, Jillian Harris, and Serena Williams were just some of the famous faces toting that post-engagement glow after becoming brides-to-be over the holidays. But when it comes to Williams, we've yet to the bling that goes along with it… Until now that is!

Previously, Williams had teased us with an engagement ring "sneak peek," posting an image of a taco-shaped ring to her Instagram page. Hilarious! (But, low-key, does anyone know where we can snag one of those?)

Now the woman is showing off her bling - for real. Williams took to her hubby-to-be's Гјber-popular site to post a photo of herself and her fiancГ© out on the town for a bit of a date night.

"Engagement shoe game," read the Reddit photo's caption, with Williams looking the part of Sporty Spice with the combo of her flirty and feminine black tulle skirt and Nike sneakers. And standing next to her beau, Williams not-so-subtly rests her diamond-adorned hand on Ohanian's chest.

While the ring may be still too far away to make out the actual cut (we demand a close-up, Williams!), we can still see that sparkle all the way from here. Seriously! That thing is huge. Like, HUGEEE. Again, thank goodness for those tennis pro arms, amiright?

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