Hannah Bronfman, Instagram Fitness Star, Isn't Shedding for Her Wedding-and Here's Why

Hannah Bronfman, Instagram Fitness Star, Isn't Shedding for Her Wedding-and Here's Why

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Fitness guru and entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman is so not into the phrase "shedding for the wedding." And, honestly, we can't blame her. It seems like the second an engagement ring touches a woman's finger, she's told to lose a few pounds. Because if every bride is doing it, why shouldn't she? We call bullsh*t. It's time we stop changing who we are and what we look like just to please everyone who happens to attend, or see via Instagram, our wedding. PSA, ladies: You look absolutely beautiful just the way you are, and, believe it or not, your fiancГ© loves exactly how you look right now too. Don't get us wrong, it's a whole other thing if you're simply trying to get healthier and feel better before your wedding day arrives, but don't feel pressured to lose a few inches around your waist to "look better" in that strapless wedding dress. Spoiler alert: You'll rock it regardless of your dress size.

In Bronfman's newest blog post, she details six ways she focuses on self-care rather putting all of her energy into a miserable diet. She writes, "There is so much emphasis on being 'skinny' for your wedding and a lot of pressure for your wedding day to be the best day of your life… I think self-love and self-care are important every day, and on a day you are marrying the love of your life, you should focus on feeling good and celebrating that love. Planning a wedding is stressful for so many reasons already, so instead of focusing on how your body looks, try to focus on how you feel."

Preach, girl!

Your challenge today is to take a step away from the mirror and focus on your inward beauty instead. Try incorporating Bronfman's top self-love tips, below, into your pre-wedding beauty schedule so you can achieve your happiest, healthiest mindset yet.

Breathing Practice

Everyone knows by now that breathing practices can work wonders for your mental-and even physical-state, so it's no surprise that this fitness queen adopted the practice into her daily schedule. Every morning when she wakes up and before she goes to bed, Bronfman does the following: "I breathe in through my nose using my diaphragm and hold my breath for three seconds at the top. Then, I exhale through the nose and hold for three seconds once I have released all the air. I can't tell you how much of a difference this had made."

Adaptogenic Herbs from Sun Potion

Sure, it sounds a bit like mumbo-jumbo, but adaptogenic herbs actually have real (scientific!) purposes. If you've never heard of them, they're basically "natural substances that help your body through natural processes, like digestion and regulating stress levels," according to Bronfman's blog post. The type of adaptogenic herbs the fitness guru loves most are Tocos (with vitamin E, for healthy skin and muscles), Rhodiola (for mental clarity and an immune-system and stamina boost), and Cordyceps (for athletic endurance and sexual energy), all from the brand Sun Potion. "Ever since I've started taking these, I have noticed a huge difference in mood and attitude, so I'm totally sold on my high vibe potions."


Have you ever noticed how amazing you feel after stepping out of a sauna? Well, there's a reason behind that. "Releasing toxins from the body is very important because you don't want crap building up in your body over time to lead to diseases," Bronfman says. You don't need to sweat every moment of every day, of course, but she suggests finding a workout regimen that works for you and keeps you sane.

Bath Time

Thanks to Lush bath bombs, relaxing in your tub has never been more #Trendy. But aside from the inevitable Instagram likes you'll get on your zen-worthy bath photo, taking a hot soak can do wonders for your body and mind. Bronfman's fave bath-time additions? Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath, which eliminates impurities and contains calming epsom salts, floral oil blends, and an abundance of dried flowers. And, she notes, "Don't forget your mask!"


Before you straight-up say "Ew!" to this procedure, give it some thought. Women all over the country have raved about the positive benefits of flushing out the colon of its impurities. And Bronfman is certainly one of them. "As women, we hold so much in our gut, holding on to trauma, grief, stress, and other things that generally leave you feeling bogged down," she says. "For me, colonics are not a short-term solution for a slim tummy but rather a more mental experience." Can't argue with that!

Body Talk

Probably one of the most important on the list, Bronfman explains how she attended a session with Tammy Kohlschmidt, who used tap therapy to rid her of the emotional baggage she's been clinging to since she was a young girl. If you can, the Instagram star highly recommends scheduling a session for yourself.