Wedding Etiquette: Don't Feel Guilty If You Don't Register for These Classic Gifts

Wedding Etiquette: Don't Feel Guilty If You Don't Register for These Classic Gifts

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When it comes to registering you'll find that your friends, mom, mother in law, aunts, grandmas, and more will likely offer tips and "must-haves" that you just NEED to register for. While it's easy to get carried away while you scan into registry oblivion, no matter what people say, you don't have to feel guilty if you skip scanning these four items.

Kitchen Mixer
A quality kitchen mixer is a staple on most bridal registries, but before you add one, ask yourself, "Am I going to use it?" Sure, you might convince yourself that all of a sudden you'll become a baker extraordinaire, but if you really only bake for the holidays, special occasions or not at all, you don't really need one of these professional-grade mixers. Save some money and counter space by registering for a compact hand mixer instead.

China holds a special place in lots of people's hearts, especially those generations ahead of us. Whether it be for sentimental value or tradition, many people believe all brides-to-be need china sets of their own. But quality china comes with a hefty price tag for plates that are only to be used on special occasions, so brides that don't entertain, live in apartments, or just don't see the point - there's no reason to register for it. Instead, opt for high-quality daily dinnerware you can actually use, and will use regularly.

Fancy Espresso & Coffee Machines
If you have a love affair with Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts and aren't willing to quit, or if a simple pot of freshly brewed coffee on a Sunday morning makes your heart flutter, you don't have to change your java habits just because you can. Sure, now is the time to register for items you might not otherwise buy yourself, but if you really don't plan on drinking espresso, lattes or cappuccinos often, leave the fancy machines for those that do. Select other items you'll use much more, and you won't have to break up with your barista.

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Fancy Barware
Unless you live in a mini-mansion (or at least more than a one bedroom apartment) chances are you won't have a bar on display for all your guests to see. And, unless your head over heels for the art of mixology, most couple's don't need more than a quality corkscrew, a standard cocktail shaker set, an assortment of drinkware and glassware, and an ice cube tray to keep the at-home libations flowing.