Can I Make Money Off My Wedding Centerpieces?

Can I Make Money Off My Wedding Centerpieces?

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Most brides wonder how they can make a few dollars back on their big wedding budgets, whether they consider selling their wedding dress, repurposing some of the decorations, or some other way to reuse or sell their big-day items. But flowers? Well, that was always considered a goner expense… until now?

Good news, ladies: Selling the floral centerpieces from your wedding is possible. And, actually, this is totally a thing now, thanks to the entrepreneurial ladies behind the hot new start up, Bloomerent. After co-founder, Danit Zamir, saw the wedding flowers she had spent thousands on get thrown into the trash at the end of the night, she realized the need for a solution that would reduce waste and save money. She partnered with Julia Capalino, former CEO of Pinch Parties, and together they launched Bloomerent - an online platform that allows centerpieces to be shared between events that take place in close proximity. Yeah, we're freaking out over it, too.

Here's how it works. Brides, grooms and event hosts alike log onto and fill out a form regarding their wedding location, date, etc. They also indicate whether they want to be an "Event A," an "Event B" or are undecided.

Couples that choose to be an "Event A" are matched with a florist from Bloomerent's carefully curated community and the process proceeds as usual - they meet with the florist for a consultation and work with them to design their ideal wedding arrangements. After the centerpieces have been decided on by "Event A," the florist enters the centerpieces into the Bloomerent database to look for an "Event B" match that wants similar colors, styles etc.

Potential "Event B" matches will be presented with a "floral story" which includes a mood board, quantity of centerpieces available, original price and possible photo mock up of the centerpieces so they can decide if they want to opt in and get sharing! If they do, they are matched with the same florist from "Event A" who will make all of their personal flowers for the big day and set up the shared centerpieces after refreshing them overnight and replacing any lackluster blooms.

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In the event of a match, "Event B" can save around 50 percent off of the original price of their centerpieces and "Event A" gets at least 10 percent of what they originally paid sent back to them after the wedding. If there is not a match, the process would be the same as it normally would when working with a florist, so there's nothing to lose for either party. Reducing waste and potentially saving money? What's not to love!

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Bloomerent is rapidly expanding throughout the country and is currently available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia and Colorado. If the service isn't yet available in your state or you would prefer to donate your flowers, check out some other ways to repurpose your wedding-day dГ©cor!