Got a Case of Wedding Planning Fatigue? Here's How to Make It Fun Again

Got a Case of Wedding Planning Fatigue? Here's How to Make It Fun Again

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With all the details, checklists, payments and correspondence involved in planning a wedding, one might find it hard to call wedding planning "fun." Here at BRIDES we know wedding planning can be extremely stressful and nerve wracking, but we're here to help. Here are some of our favorite tips on how to make wedding planning fun. (Yes, it is possible!)

Reward Yourselves

All work and no play makes for some grumpy fiancГ©s. So, don't forget to reward yourselves for jobs well done, and get in some pre-wedding quality time too. Celebrate both the big and little milestones in planning whether it be with champagne, massages, a nice dinner, or something more romantic. By celebrating little accomplishments as you progress through the process, it instantly becomes more fun and rewarding.

Make it a Date

If you find that wedding planning has begun to replace your date nights, try combining them! Crack open some vino, order in takeout and make wedding planning sessions a bit more romantic. You'll be spending quality time together AND accomplishing the seemingly never-ending tasks required throughout the planning phase. Remember, it's not all just about the wedding itself, but the memories you make together along your journey down the aisle.

Game On

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone! Challenge your fiancГ© to a contest and feel free to be a little creative with the prizes for the winner. Who can stuff and stamp the most amounts of invitations? Who can alphabetize half the place cards the quickest? Take turns guessing whose reply cards have come in the mail each day. There are endless possibilities to create little contests along the way to add a bit of excitement while you crush your to-do list.

Invite Friends

Creating your own centerpieces? Need help with making seating charts? Whatever the task may be, as long as you trust others can handle it, invite friends over and make a night of it. (Bridesmaids totally come in handy here!) Turn on some good tunes, and reward your helpful friends with some cocktails, appetizers or sweet treats as a way to show your appreciation for their help.