5 Rules for Being the Best Maid of Honor EVER

5 Rules for Being the Best Maid of Honor EVER

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Being your friend's maid of honor is, well, an honor! It's a special role and distinction that comes with it's own set of responsibilities. A really great maid of honor will make the wedding planning process exponentially easier for the bride, from emotional support to helping with wedding preparation to keeping her calm on the big day. Want to be the very best MOH? Follow these expert tips.

1. Be Supportive
Whether it's as simple as choosing a linen color or as complicated as navigating family politics to make a seating chart, some pre-wedding tasks can be tough - and stressful. A great maid of honor will be supportive of her friend and help her work through the to-do list.

2. Put Your Opinions Away
Unless you're explicitly asked for an opinion, do your best to put aside your thoughts, style, and point of view and instead put yourself in the bride's shoes. If she absolutely loves the dresses she's chosen, even though you hate them, follow her lead. And if she asks what you think, make sure your ideas fit within her vision (and her budget).

3. Help Keep the Bridesmaids in Line
A big part of being a great maid of honor is helping to manage the rest of the bridal party. From taking the lead planning the bachelorette party or bridal shower to making sure everyone has ordered their dress on-time, serve as the bride's right hand woman and help get those details in order.

4. Be a Great Friend
Being the MOH to the bride-to-be doesn't mean you need to put your friendship on hold. Make plans for a girls' night with no wedding talk allowed, take her out for a manicure, or open a bottle of wine and turn on your favorite reality TV show - whatever you'd do during a regular hangout session! A little time away from wedding planning does wonders for a bride's sanity.

5. Be Prepared
On the day of the wedding, put on your maid of honor hat! Make sure you're on time (or even a little early) for hair and makeup, with all of your accessories in tow. Bring along water, snacks, and an emergency kit (Band-Aids, safety pins, a travel sewing kit, and double-sided tape) so you're ready to tackle whatever your BFF's big day might throw at you.

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