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What To Do When You Hate Your Bridesmaid Dress

What To Do When You Hate Your Bridesmaid Dress

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So you didn't exactly say yes to your bridesmaid dress, but you have to wear it anyway? Unless you're given the luxury of choosing your own bridesmaid dress, this is the way it typically goes, for better or worse, unfortunately. If you do find yourself in the latter category though (you know, the for worse one), there are some things you can do to make lemonade out of lemons - or at least a wearable bridesmaid dress out of a not-so-wearable one. Here's what to do if you kind of hate your bridesmaid dress.

Take it to a tailor.

If you're stuck wearing a dress that doesn't do anything for your body, consider taking it to a tailor (find one that comes highly recommended!) to see if they can work some serious magic. While you won't be able to transform the color of course, you can alter the length or the shape and fit a bit to hug you in all the right places and accentuate your figure better. Beware that you'll probably have to pay a pretty penny though to get exactly what you want. If it makes you feel more comfortable and confident in the end though, that's what's important. Adding on straps or sleeves is another potential option. Do check with the bride first to be sure she okays the changes.

Go all out glam with hair, makeup and accessories.

Hate your required bridesmaid dress? There are a few things you can do to ease the pain and still keep the bride happy, according to fashion stylist and designer Ashley Evangeline lloret. Besides tailoring it to fit your body in the best way possible for your figure, it ends up being all about the accessories and how you style the look as a whole, she says. “Wear some wow-factor earrings, some kick ass sexy heels and make sure your makeup and hair are ultra glam (obviously with the bride's stamp of approval). The extra confidence boost you'll get will make you forget all about your unfortunate dress woes.” We couldn't agree more.

Consider hiring a stylist.

If the dress is a real tragedy and you find the other bridesmaids are in complete agreement maybe suggest that you all pitch in to hire a stylist (perhaps frame it as a fun gift for the bride!), suggests lloret. “I personally always love a good challenge when it comes to making something work,” she notes. “They will too and everyone will end up happier, including the bride who will feel extra special and glamorous!”

Speak up.

Sometimes honesty really is the best policy. If no final decisions have been made, have an honest talk with the bride and let her know that you feel really insecure in the dress and think a different silhouette in the same color would solve the problem. Who knows, she may be open to the idea and be willing to compromise! It can't hurt to ask as long as you aren't rude about it.

Suck it up.

If you look good in it but it just isn't your color or style, then we recommend keeping your lips zipped and simply sucking it up for the sake of the bride. It's her big day and you only have to wear this dress once, wahoo!

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