They Saw The Sign! How Real Brides Knew A Proposal Was Coming

They Saw The Sign! How Real Brides Knew A Proposal Was Coming

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Normally, your S.O. is pretty smooth, but when it came to popping the question? Well, not so much. Whether they were acting completely out of character or they just straight up let the cat out of the bag, here is how real brides knew a marriage proposal was right around the corner. Eek!

He planned a surprise trip for us.

"I love my fiancГ©, but bless him, he's the opposite of a planner! So when, out of the blue, he booked a surprise trip for us and it wasn't my birthday or our anniversary, I knew something was up. I discovered where we were going and assumed he'd propose when we got there. Shocker, he did! I never let him in on the fact that I had it all figured out though." - Jessica

He splurged on an expensive bottle of champagne.

"We were heading out of town for a weekend ski trip, and as we were leaving I heard him tell his sister pretty loudly that he'd bought some nice champagne since it was going to be a special occasion. Then he turned and smiled at me and gave me a little wink. Clearly, he wasn't trying to keep it a secret!" - Devon

His emails said it all.

"Okay, I know I shouldn't have done this, but I snooped through his emails and saw several exchanges between him and the jeweler. I had a vague idea of when the ring would arrive, and sure enough, the weekend after it did he wanted to take me out to dinner at my favorite restaurant. At that point, I was positive a proposal was coming, however, it didn't happen that evening! Instead, he took me to a rooftop lounge in the city for lunch the following day and we grabbed ice cream and strolled through the park afterward. Once we reached the fountain, he got down on one knee and popped the question. Best day ever!" - Lindsay

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He asked me when he should propose.

"Clearly we're not very traditional at all! We went ring shopping together, and I picked out the exact one I wanted. After that, he asked me when he should propose. Of course, I told him it was up to him, but he knew the sooner the better. It took a few weeks to get the ring, and then a few days later we were engaged!" - Colby

He wanted to drink special occasion-only beer.

"I first got suspicious when he planned a weekend trip for us, but it's not like it was that out of the norm. However, when he was adamant about bringing his backpack everywhere we went (apparently it had the ring inside) and he wanted to drink some super rare beer he had packed for us, I thought this must be it. He only saves that particular beer for special occasions, and sure enough I was right; he proposed that weekend." - Ellie

The mail gave it away.

"I was onto him as soon as we started getting mail from a diamond jeweler! I don't think he realized that once he bought the ring he was also on their mailing list, and since I'm the one who always gets the mail I was like, okay he's definitely going to propose now. I kept my mouth shut, and about a month later he did. It was torture waiting though!" - Andrea