The Best Digital Wedding Seating Chart Maker to Help Simplify Planning

The Best Digital Wedding Seating Chart Maker to Help Simplify Planning

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Between wrangling last-minute RSVPs and troubleshooting tuxedo malfunctions, the two weeks before your wedding can feel like an obstacle course. One way we suggest reigning in the stress is utilizing digital wedding seating chart makers. By creating a seating chart virtually, you'll be able to keep your sanity intact while skipping a color-coded Post-it notes fiasco.

To be sure you don't accidentally sit your spouse-to-be's slightly curmudgeonly grandfather next to your angsty tween niece, these digital seating charts let you move guests from table to table with just one click. The best part? Their free services won't tap into your wedding budget. These are a few of our favorites.

1. WeddingWire

By using the drag-and-drop seating chart, you can customize a seating plan and choose table shapes as well as keep track of your RSVPs all in one place. Plus, the site allows you to easily share your fancy new digital chart. You can print, export or email your floor plan to your venue so everyone is looped in on the arrangement.

2. AllSeated

This site lets you import your guest list from Excel, then assign tables based on your to-scale floor plan. You can also plot out other wedding-related events, including your rehearsal dinner and day-after brunch, using that same master list. AllSeated even has a library of venues, so it's possible your actual venue is already available in their catalog, scaled to size and ready to go!

3. Wedding Mapper

The Guest Manager tool lets you lay out the entire floor plan - bar, dance floor, etc. - and ensure that Grandma is nowhere near the subwoofer.

4. Style Me Pretty

For those of you that prefer working with a spreadsheet, Style Me Pretty created an excellent, color-coded seating chart template. It doesn't have drag and drop functionality, but nonetheless it's extremely simple to use (especially for those who love Excel and Google Sheets!).

5. Table Plan: The Seating Chart App

If you want to plan your tables straight from your phone, download this free seating arrangement app! You can even import your guests straight from contacts - talk about simple!

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