How to Help Your Friend's BF Pick Out an Engagement Ring (Without Ruining the Surprise!)

How to Help Your Friend's BF Pick Out an Engagement Ring (Without Ruining the Surprise!)

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There's nothing more exciting than getting a call or text from your best friend's boyfriend saying he's ready to pop the question and needs your help. Now it's time to help him find her the perfect engagement ring. What's the best way to make sure he gets something she'll love, without ruining the surprise? Our experts have a few tips.

Your best friend is about to get engaged! Heading to the jewelry store with your friend's boyfriend is definitely an adventure. You're in a unique position to help him find something she'll really love and be excited to wear every day, but you also need to keep a secret so you don't spoil the proposal when the time comes.

If your friend's boyfriend came to you for help, there's a good chance she's already told him that you're the person to ask, so let your knowledge of her style, likes, and dislikes guide you. Of course, if the two of you have gone "browsing" together before, you might know exactly what she likes (and may even have pictures of rings to back it up!). Start by reviewing any information she's given you, whether it's sharing a post on Instagram or an entire secret Pinterest board, with her boyfriend so that he'll have the same information and inspiration. Then, with his budget and his own tastes in mind, head to the store. Work with a salesperson to find the perfect intersection of what your friend loves, what her boyfriend loves, and what fits within his budget. That might mean a slightly smaller center stone to leave room for a pavГ© band, or helping him customize something if she's fond of unique and less-common shapes or cuts.

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Even if the two of you have never really discussed rings, use what you know about her style and personality to help guide his shopping. If most of her jewelry is delicate, she probably won't love a more ornate setting. Does she exclusively wear gold? He'll probably want to stay away from platinum settings. While her boyfriend may have picked up on some of these things, there are a lot of details that girls notice more explicitly, so share your insights!

And of course, if he doesn't know her ring size, you're the best person to ask. It would be MUCH less suspicious if you encouraged her to try on your own engagement ring and then gauged whether it was too big or too small than if he simply asked her ring size.

Last but not least, be subtle! Keep your excitement about the impending engagement on the down-low until after he's popped the question - then feel free to squeal in delight the first chance you get!