Shark Tank Is Totally Making Us Want These Crazy-Cool Wedding Products

Shark Tank Is Totally Making Us Want These Crazy-Cool Wedding Products

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Over its nine seasons, Shark Tank has introduced us to some seriously ridiculous products (wine for dogs and cats? Hmmm… ). However, the panel of business-savvy sharks has also turned us on to other cool inventions that have become total necessities. (Really, who doesn't have a Scrub Daddy at this point?) Entrepreneurs have pitched things in tech, food, fashion, child care, and beauty, so it was only a matter of time until stuff for the wedding market appeared on the show. Brides-and grooms!-to be, here are the items presented to the sharks that you just may want to include in your wedding planning.

Bridal Buddy

Your ball gown looks amazing as you're walking down the aisle and for those gorgeous photos, but the reality of a full skirt or a long train: What do you do with all that tulle and lace when you have to pee? Enter Heather Stenlake's invention: the Bridal Buddy. The former bridal salon consultant developed a slip you wear under your gown that gathers your skirt up into a mesh pouch you secure over your shoulders when it's time to hit the ladies' room. You can do your business without ruining your gown and your squad will be relieved not to have to help you pee. (Want some major feels: Read the behind-the-scenes story and episode recap here.)

Eco Flower

Love the look of wedding bouquets but hate knowing they last just the day? Enter “serial crafter” Megan Chapman's company, which creates arrangements from recycled materials like paper, bamboo, burlap, and pallet wood. Scented with fragrances like black raspberry vanilla or Japanese cherry blossom, her team can create wedding-worthy ranunculus from sheet music or roses from the pages of your favorite storybook.


For the bride who loves strappy stilettos but doesn't want to spend her entire garden wedding pulling her heels out of the mud, there's Solemates. These clear, flexible plastic caps that fit around the bottom of your high heels will keep you from sinking into the ground, protect against damage and stains, and offer you a little more stability. Demi Lovato, Lauren Conrad, and Carrie Underwood are already fans.

The Lapel Project

While the ladies have a lot to choose from when it comes to wedding wear, the guys are a little more limited. To add some flair to a tux or suit, Sebastian Garcia launched The Lapel Project, custom adhesive lapel covers that come in a variety of shapes and styles. Choose from classic satin or silk, add some bling with sequins-or for the guy who is truly one-of-a-kind-create a custom look your own. And of course, there are matching bow ties.


You know you need to write a thank you card for every engagement, shower, and wedding present. But putting pen to paper is a major time challenge. This multitasking app lets you create original, handwritten cards right from your smartphone or tablet. Write your message and choose your design-you can even include those great candid ceremony snaps from your photo library-then the service prints, stamps, and mails your note. Done and done!


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