What Should We Include on the RSVP Card?

What Should We Include on the RSVP Card?

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An RSVP card is the best way to find out if your guests will be coming to your wedding, but did you know you can use the cards to gather even more information to help your wedding weekend run more smoothly? Our experts are here to break it all down for you.

RSVP cards are more useful than you might think. Yes, you of course will use them to determine your guest count, but here are some other add-ons you can include that will make planning even easier.

Specify the RSVPs
Instead of just a “Yes” or “No,” use your RSVP cards to ask guests if they'll be attending different events, from your rehearsal dinner or welcome party to the morning-after brunch. You can also ask them to include exactly how many people will be coming, as well as the number of children they'll be bringing (if they're invited, of course!).

Meal Selections
This one is a no-brainer. If you're giving your guests a choice of meals, use your RSVP card to ask them what they'll want to eat so you can give a count to your caterer.

Food Allergies
If you know a large number of your guests have allergies, but you're not sure exactly what they're allergic to, include a line beneath meal selections asking your guests to let you know if they have any allergies you need to be aware of.

Having your guests let you know where they're staying will be hugely helpful if you're planning to offer any sort of transportation to and from your wedding. Lodging information will enable you to figure out how many shuttles you'll need and where they'll need to go to make sure everyone arrives on time.

Fun Add-Ons
Use your RSVP card to start getting your guests excited for your big day! Ask them to draw you a picture that you can display during cocktail hour, share marriage advice or request a song they'll really want to hear on the dance floor.

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