These Instagram Couples Are Living Our Honeymoon Dreams

These Instagram Couples Are Living Our Honeymoon Dreams

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You spent a year (at least!) planning your honeymoon, but after two weeks touring Italy, snorkeling in the Caribbean, or soaking up rays in Hawaii, it's back to your desk and the nine-to-five grind. However, these six enterprising couples have found a way to keep their "trip of a lifetime" going-and are posting the OTT photos on Instagram to inspire you to do the same. Before you book that dream vacation, read on to discover the best places they've been and where they can't wait to visit next.

Alli & Bobby, Traveling Newlyweds

What's your favorite thing about traveling? Alli: The memories Bobby and I make traveling together are hands down my favorite thing. The experiences we share are priceless! Sure, there are times where things go horribly wrong or one of us makes the other really mad, but I love those memories too! Every trip we go on teaches us something new about the other and brings us that much closer together. We like to joke that travel is our marriage therapist!

Best trip you've taken so far? Bobby: South Africa blew us away. We spent days exploring its wine country (better than Napa, in our opinion!), exploring the beach towns (complete with the cutest penguins!), and eating our way through Cape Town (some of the best food we've ever had). We wished we could have spent an entire month there; we're already planning our next trip back.

Destination you'd recommend to other newlyweds? Alli: Panama! We loved staying in Casco Viejo (Old Quarter) in Panama City, and we highly recommend taking a short flight to see the rainforest in Boquete. It's heavenly-and so is the coffee!

Yet-to-visit dream destination? Bobby: Samoa. It boasts off-the-charts natural beauty and yet is still relatively off the map. It has lush jungles and crystal-clear water but no megaresorts or touristy attractions. It's the real deal and very untouched! Just don't tell too many people…

Best advice to other newlyweds looking to travel? Alli: Go! We talk to a lot of newlyweds who feel conflicted by their desire to see the world and the pressure to save their money and work toward “the American dream.” We're here to encourage you to do what you can to travel now. It gets harder and harder to travel as you start to settle down and have a family. Whether it's a cross-country road trip or your dream trip to Paris, do it while you can! We're big fans of YOLO-ing!

Lina & David, Divergent Travelers

What's your favorite thing about traveling? We love everything about being out of our comfort zone, experiencing new cultures, and having real adventures. Travel is the ultimate freedom, and it gives us the space we have always wanted to live life on our own terms and experience new things.

Best trips you've taken so far? Our last-minute visit to Tibet while we were in China was absolutely amazing. We spent seven days going from Lhasa to Mount Everest base camp on the north side. Another trip that sticks out to us is the four months we spent camping and overland traveling through Africa. We started in Cape Town, South Africa, and ended in Cairo, Egypt, visiting 14 different countries along the way. The things we experienced on that trip alone were enough to last a lifetime.

Destination you'd recommend to other newlyweds? The Philippines is an incredibly tropical and romantic destination. With over 7,000 islands, you can find paradise without the crowds, and trust me when I say it has some of the best beaches, jungles, and island life we have encountered in our 16 years of travel.

Yet-to-visit dream destination? Hands down, Antarctica. Not only will this be our seventh continent, but we are dying to kayak among icebergs and hang out with penguins at the end of the world.

Best advice to other newlyweds looking to travel? Just do it. There is no time like today, and the longer you wait, the harder it will be to break away. Use this time for yourselves and go have fun exploring. The world is huge, and there are so many experiences waiting for you. Save some money, book a ticket, and just go. You won't regret it.

Andrea & Bryan, Best World Yet

What's your favorite thing about traveling? Discovering the uniqueness of different cultures, especially their foods! Some of the best times we've had on the road were finding great local restaurants by “tailing” locals.

Best trip you've taken so far? We traveled to central Turkey (Cappadocia) and fell in love with the magical landscapes and amazing cuisine-even enjoying a sunrise balloon tour over the valley.

Destination you'd recommend to other newlyweds? Istria (northern Croatia in the Adriatic) is a less-traveled destination, even for those who head to the country. The scenery is spectacular, with adorable hilltop towns dotting the countryside and wonderful port cities all along the coast. We used Rovinj as a base to explore the area.

Pinch-me-this-can't-be-real moment you've had while traveling? Navigating the streets of Hanoi, with no discernible method of traffic control.

Yet-to-visit dream destination? Bryan: Andrea will not rest until we visit Antarctica to see the penguins.

Best advice to other newlyweds looking to travel? Make broad plans, but let the little plans take shape on their own. Be aware that traveling as a couple is an intense period of one-on-one time. Respect your partner's space and personal time as well.

Julie & Dean, Two Fat Americans

What's your favorite thing about traveling? Stepping outside the box and seeing things we'd never thought we see-the culture, the food, everything! The best is when we stumble upon a restaurant in a completely unassuming place and it turns out to be the best meal we've ever had!

Best trip you've taken so far? The one we're on right now! We've gone on many trips together, but we have decided that we're only young once, so we've quit our jobs and are traveling the world.

Destination you'd recommend to other newlyweds? Indonesia (separate from Bali). It gives you the sense of being in a whole different world, the people are incredibly friendly, and there is so much of it to explore! It's still a little lesser known than other tourist destinations, so you're more likely to have an authentic experience.

Yet-to-visit dream destination? Julie: I can't wait to get to Greece. We plan on going there this summer when we get to Europe. I've seen it in so many movies, and I've heard from so many people about how beautiful it is there; I can't wait to experience it for myself! Dean: Antarctica. It's such a hard place to get to when you're trying to see a lot of places. I can't wait to make my way there and see all the penguins!

Best advice to other newlyweds looking to travel? Not only does traveling create lifelong memories, but they are ones that you will always be able to share with your spouse. It creates a bond unlike any other, so stop thinking about it and just do it! Be patient with each other and the process. Things will go wrong, and you will get frustrated, but it will always be worth it.

Natasha & Cameron, The World Pursuit

What's your favorite thing about traveling? The individuality of every new place we travel to. We are in Africa right now, and it is tough to compete with the landscapes, wildlife, and the thrill of it all.

Best trip you've taken so far? Our “#HashtagAfrica” trip. About a year ago, we bought a Land Cruiser in Cape Town, South Africa, and we drove it all the way to Kenya. Along the way, we saw the sunrise over the Namib Desert, crossed swampy wetlands, got lost countless times, drank local spirits, survived a flash flood, and chased cheetah in the Masai Mara. We've stayed in all kinds of accommodations including luxury lodges, hotels, and camping alone in the bush.

Destination you'd recommend to other newlyweds? Mozambique. We spent three weeks along the coasts of Vilanculos, Bazaruto, and Maputo Elephant Reserve. The white-sand beaches are filled with palm trees and coastal mangroves; some days we went without seeing anyone but a few villagers. The marine life along the coast is also abundant with coral reefs, whale sharks, and dugongs.

Pinch-me-this-can't-be-real moment you've had while traveling? We had a lantern-lit “Sampan Dinner,” in which they float a table on a pontoon in the middle of the Zambezi River, at a lodge called Tongabezi just above the mighty Victoria Falls. Your waiter delivers your entire five-course meal via a rowboat. The evening ends with sparkling wine, desert, and a serenade by the entire waitstaff.

Yet-to-visit dream destination? The Mashpi Cloud Forest in Ecuador. It's one of the most unique lodges in the world, set in the middle of the rainforest, surrounded by birds, frogs, pumas, and waterfalls.

Best advice to other newlyweds looking to travel? Traveling together can be tough. You're often together for 24 hours, get little sleep, and go through stressful situations. We drove across Africa, and it pushed us to the max. It's important to talk about expectations and share responsibility. Also, don't run yourselves ragged; doing too much is a sure way to create tension in your relationship. The best way to have a successful trip is communication and understanding.

Hannah & Adam, Getting Stamped

What's your favorite thing about traveling? We love learning about different cultures and places. We've been traveling the world full-time for the past four years, but we've made it to only a little over a third of the world's countries. Those open spots on the map are the most intriguing to us, and they're why we love to travel.

Best trip you've taken so far? New Zealand. We spent two weeks circling the stunning south island in a campervan. Living in a van with your spouse sounds challenging, but it is the most amazing way to travel New Zealand. Every corner we turned, there was another photo waiting to be taken. This trip also had such an impact on us that we later bought a minivan and converted it into a campervan to travel the U.S., which was also an epic trip.

Destination you'd recommend to other newlyweds? An exotic trip to Asia. We took a Thailand honeymoon and spent more than a year traveling the country. It's a great place to kick off an adventurous life together. The country is the perfect blend of beaches, culture, and cuisine. Another bonus is that you'll probably spend less on a two-week honeymoon in Thailand than you would holed up in an all-inclusive elsewhere for a week.

Pinch-me-this-can't-be-real moment you've had while traveling? We still remember sleeping in our tent in the Serengeti and hearing lions roaring in the distance. You could literally feel it rumble in your chest; it felt like they were right next to you. A trip to Africa will change you in some of the best ways possible. It should be one everyone's bucket list!

Yet-to-visit dream destination? At the top of our bucket list is Iceland, Central Asia, and Chile.

Best advice to other newlyweds looking to travel? Travel as much and as far as you can now. You can always travel with children, but it won't be the same type of trip. Also, take a trip that scares you a little bit. Some of the best travel experiences take you outside your comfort zone. Aside from getting out there and going, the best advice for traveling as a couple is to plan the trip together and be willing to compromise. Take turns picking destinations or find somewhere you're both into. As much as you may love your partner, not everyone has all the same interests, and that's OK.