Here's How 6 Real Couples Chose Their First Dance Songs

Here's How 6 Real Couples Chose Their First Dance Songs

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Some couples can't pick just one song; others let their DJ do the choosing…

"Josh and I met June of 2006 on Soldier Ride (a non-profit I was working for was raising money for injured soldiers with bicycle rides cross country.) His left leg was amputated below the knee. We dueled our iPods for 10 hours and talked. We shared music we loved, concerts we went to, and did a bit of singing. We had a long-distance relationship for seven months, visiting each other for long weekends. After Josh medically retired from the Army he moved back to his home state of Indiana, making us even farther apart. We took a trip around the country for 23 days in search of a place to move - together. Sometime in early April we found Charlottesville, VA. As luck would have we couldn't choose just one song. Our first was "Let My Love Open the Door" by Pete Townsend (the slow version from Gross Point Blank). Then we sped it up with "Beginnings" by Chicago. The first song represented all that we had been through individually in our lives prior to meeting each other. The second spoke about the 'beginning' of us. The word 'Beginnings' is engraved inside Josh's wedding ring." -Sandy

"We married in October 2016. Our song was "Be My Life's Companion" by The Mills Brothers, sung by Bing Crosby. We found this listening to XM Channel 73 (the oldies) and it just clicked. My husband and I are silly hearts with a lot of joy. We make weird faces and do awkward dance moves in our home to try and embarrass the other person, but we're having a lot of fun living. We're 30 and 31 but I like to think my spirit animal is a 72-year-old woman named Gertrude. The song just made sense for us. Considering our style and our love for old music, this song is perfect." -Renee

"Our song was "It Was You" the theme song from Tootsie by Stephen Bishop. That's the movie we watched on our first date as it was the only one we had in my house. Our date started later than expected because my plane was late coming back from a college visit. I got Stephen Bishop to sign the cover of the CD as an anniversary present." -Meryl

"Since we are a husband and wife team of wedding planners in Santa Barbara, when we married, we basically did things the opposite of how we work and were fairly casual. We decided not to choose a first dance song and just let our DJ pick it on the spot. The Flamingos' "I Only Have Eyes for You" was the song he chose (fitting as we got married in Motown), and we now cherish it and play it every anniversary." -Alison

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"For our first dance song this past November we chose "Just In Time" by Frank Sinatra. I am 35 and my husband is 38, it's a first marriage for both of us and we heard it while in the car. Initially we had picked Sinatra's "World on a String" but changed it at the last minute since we were getting married 'just in time' before we gave up on love. It resulted in quite a few laughs from our guests!" -Susan

My husband and I picked "Can I Have This Dance?" from High School Musical 3. An unorthodox pick, for sure! My husband wanted our song to be a waltz since that was the dance he learned the best during our dance lessons. I love Disney so I wanted a Disney song. We shared dozens of ideas back and forth, not agreeing on anything. Finally I convinced him to just listen to "Can I Have This Dance?" and ignore its origins. He agreed it was a great waltz for our first dance. -Brita

Sherry Amatenstein, LCSW is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author.


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