5 Steamy Sex Games You Should Stay Home and Play This Valentine's Day

5 Steamy Sex Games You Should Stay Home and Play This Valentine's Day

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Let's face it: Valentine's Day is a dumpster fire. Good luck trying to get dinner reservations before 9 p.m. unless you booked three months in advance or want to sit near the bathroom.

Instead of going out this February 14, make this V-Day a stay-in occasion. Skip the fancy (and usually uncomfortable) outfit and opt for some fancy lingerie instead-or better yet, nothing at all.

Considering the whole point of this holiday is to rekindle the romance and reconnect with sex, skip the expensive and annoying stuff and get to the part that's actually fun. Plan a delicious meal, pick up a bottle (or a few) of pinot noir, and try out these steamy bedroom games that will have you wishing every day was Valentine's Day.

Adult Truth or Dare

It might sound quite simple, but Truth or Dare is actually an amazing and sexy game with your boo. If you allow ATOD to be less of a game, and instead a conduit to more sex exploration, it can broaden the whole horizon on your sexual fantasies. Grab some chocolate body paint and see where the night goes.

But don't forget to read the house rules first! Check it out here.

A curious couple's box that's full of adventure

If you're looking for a sexy game to play, but aren't sure what would work for you, try a wee bit of everything! Thankfully, the Curious Couple's Box from Pleasure Chest has everything you need to customize your fun.

From sexy cards to a vibrator to some light bondage gear, this box is definitely going to make playtime all the more fun. Ready, set, go!

Sensory play or temperature play

Ever wondered how you could introduce your sex life to more sensory-focused activities? (Our sense of smell, touch, and hearing go absolutely wild when we take away sight.)

Have your partner place a silk blindfold on you and make a game out of driving you crazy. Have them draw circles over your nipples, inner thighs, backs of the knees, and neck. As soon as you can't take anymore… well, the game is over, if you know what we mean.

Or cool down to heat up. Buy glass toys, which are enhanced after a half hour in the freezer. If you'd rather keep it simple, just grab an ice cube! And if you're interested in a little experimentation with heat, but don't want to burn anyone, check out these delightful candles from the Wildflower Sex toy shop.

A luxury toy box that has a torturous twist

V-Day games don't need to involve card tricks. Introducing, Orgasm Denial: a light BDSM game for couples. The tools? Lelo's Indulge Me box and your ability to hold it together in the throes of passion. This box comes with a small, high-quality finger vibrator, a delightful feather tickler, and sexy, red silk blindfold. It's basically a BDSM playkit for those who love it luxe.

To play this BDSM game, decide who is the Dom and who is the Sub. This means one of you is in control and the other is giving up control-with consent, of course. Set up a countdown method. Have your partner blindfold you and run the tickler all over your body… before grabbing the vibe. You aren't allowed to come until your partner says you can.

Once you feel close, they start counting back from 30, making you wait for it. If you get close to going over the edge, they pull the vibrator away and build you up again.

When the clock hits zero, everybody wins.

Domin8, a board game for couples

With this BDSM adult board game, you will be truly inspired. This game has 24 preconceived scenarios to make all of you bondage dreams come true.

You set up the Domin8 domino tiles the way you would a regular game of dominos. “Partners build a domino trail to ecstasy by alternating turns, laying icon domino tiles face up. In order to place your tile, the icon must match one of the icons on the tile previously laid,” the description reads.

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We hope this goes without saying, but always establish personal boundaries before getting too into a game. What makes this particular game so unique is that it really is a game up until the end. You're building your own fantasy, together. Valentine's Day is all about exploring your partnership and appreciating each other-and who said that can't involve some spanking?

Gigi Engle is a certified sex coach, educator, and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.