Why Meghan Markle Always Wears Shoes That Are Too Big for Her

Why Meghan Markle Always Wears Shoes That Are Too Big for Her

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Meghan Markle has only been an official royal for just over a month, but she established her role as a style icon long before she ever said "I do" to Prince Harry. Adoring fans and royal critics have been analyzing her effortless style choices-from her signature messy bun to her perfectly tailored coat collection-with a fine-tooth comb for months, and the newly crowned Duchess of Sussex has hardly had a misstep. But there is one aspect of Markle's looks that has left people puzzled: Why does she wear shoes that appear to be at least a full size too big?

The footwear faux pas was especially apparent at the recently held Royal Ascot, where Markle donned a stunning white Givenchy number-with black heels that had a noticeable gap in the back. And it isn't the first time that Markle has sported ill-fitting heels; she appears to be stepping out of her shoes all the way back to her engagement photo call last year.

Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

So what gives? It's hard to imagine Markle would have a difficult time finding designers to provide shoes in her size. But according to The Sun, there is actually a genius reason behind her too-huge heels.

"Celebs often go a size up, or even two, in the shoe department when they're at an event or on the red carpet and it's for one reason we can all relate to-to avoid blisters," fashion expert Harriet Davey explained to The Sun. "When celebs like Meghan are wearing heels for a long period of time their feet can often swell up… and the swelling can cause blisters and, in the long run, bunions."

Makes sense. But how does Markle manage to walk in shoes that are too big? (We're sure clacking around is royally frowned-upon.)

"A trick of the trade is to stuff the toe with padding like tissue or cotton wool, and this can be taken out once they feel like they need a bit more room in their shoes," Davey shared with The Sun.

Genius. Yet another style move we'll most likely be stealing from the newest duchess. Brides-to-be, this tip might just save your feet at the reception!

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