Will Billy Joel Perform At Daughter Alexa Ray Joel's Wedding?

Will Billy Joel Perform At Daughter Alexa Ray Joel's Wedding?

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If they can swing it, parents often try to contribute a little something to their child's wedding. Some generous 'rents offer to buy the wedding dress, while others might even write a check to the venue. But if your dad is one of the biggest pop stars of all time, they will hopefully-read hopefully-take care of the entertainment. Luckily, Alexa Ray Joel's dad-ya know… Billy Joel-has her covered.

It sounds like Alexa Ray Joel, who recently got engaged to restaurateur Ryan Gleason, has gotten this major wedding to-do already crossed off her list. Alexa's mom, Christine Brinkley, revealed to Us Weekly at National Geographic's “America Inside Out With Katie Couric” event on Monday, April 9, that chances are high that her ex-husband will hit a high note on his daughter's big day.

“I've never known of a wedding he didn't perform at,” she said. “At this one… I don't think it will be any different.” It sounds like Alexa and her fiancé might be swaying to the sounds of the Piano Man singer for their first dance. Can you say dream come true?

Gleason announced their engagement on New Year's Day on Instagram, showing off the couple's beachside proposal and impressive engagement ring with the caption, “Luckiest guy in the world!!!!”

The bride-to-be posted her own series of photos detailing the sweet words her man used to pop the question. "He said to me: 'Before I met you, my world was in black and white. You colored it in between the lines.' It was the most beautiful thing anybody's ever said to me. How could I possibly say no to that?!?!" In response, writes Alexa, "So I was completely taken off-guard, dumbstruck, and shell-shocked- and FOR ONCE in my life, I had absolutely no words, and I couldn't speak… I just kept staring at this ridiculously exquisite ring- and he was just hysterically laughing at me!!! 🕊💎🕊 "

In addition to revealing the potential musical guest at her daughter's wedding-admittedly the only thing they have planned-Brinkley told Us Weekly more about the epic proposal. She revealed how her future son-in-law asked for her daughter's hand in marriage.

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“We were at our home in the Caribbean. I was like, 'Anybody up for a bike ride?' And he said 'Yeah, I am,' so I said 'Let's ride on the beach,'” Brinkley explained. “We were pedaling along and we came to a spot where I said 'Oh… this is just so gorgeous, lets take a picture.' And he was like, 'Yeah, this seems like a really great spot… if you have a second, I'd love to talk to you.' He asked me then.”

Now, we're left wondering what song dad will choose to celebrate their love. "She's Got A Way About Her" might just be the perfect fit.


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