4 Sister-in-Law Horror Stories

4 Sister-in-Law Horror Stories

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Be warned: Some of these sister-in-law horror stories could shake you to your very core. And be glad: Your own sister-in-law's shenanigans will look almost angelic by comparison.

"My Sister-in-Law Stole Our China"

Lynn's sister-in-law made quick work of attending the couple's wedding. "She flew in for our wedding, and flew out the very next day," Lynn recalls. It wasn't until after she'd left-as the couple gathered at Lynn's mother-in-law's home to open their wedding gifts-that the family discovered something very valuable was missing: Their china. "We all enjoyed the after-wedding glow until we realized that all the china given from both our mothers had disappeared," says Lynn. "None of our presents contained any china whatsoever!" As the family scrambled to file claims to recover the goods, Lynn's mother-in-law revealed her daughter had long had sticky fingers. "Right then and there, I had to decide to forgive my sister-in-law," Lynn says, "or else I would not be able to speak to her again."

"My Sister-in-Law Saw Me Naked"

At Christmas time, Robyn hosted her husband's family at her home, including her sister-in-law who'd traveled from New York. As the couple put their children to bed one evening, Robyn's sister-in-law offered to help-and Robyn gladly accepted. The women tended to their respective children, then Robyn retired to her bedroom to undress and prepare to sleep. "I was still undressed when my sister-in-law walked right in, viewing me completely naked," Robyn describes. "We were both shocked, but she kept standing there apologizing until I yelled, 'get out!' Only then did she finally leave." But this horror story isn't over just quite yet. "If that wasn't bad enough," Roby says, "my mother-in-law told me the next day that I shouldn't have yelled at her and called me nasty, which didn't go over well. Needless to say, it wasn't a great rest of the trip."

"My Sister-in-Law Tried to Set My Husband up With Another Woman"

Carol and her husband had been married several years when his mother took ill, and he quickly flew from Virginia back to their hometown South Dakota to stay by her side. "During his visit," Carol says, "his older sister tried to set him up with one of her trashy, dentally-challenged friends-even though she knew he was married to me." While her husband declined the inappropriate offer, Carol's sister-in-law didn't stop there. "She went so far as to give this woman our home number," Carol says, "and she called often. I'm not sure why his sister would do this to us, because I have never done anything cruel to her."

Horror Story: "My Sister-in-Law Is Holding a Nine-Year-Old Grudge"

A year after Alexandra had her first child, she decided to return to work-to a home-based sales position similar to her sister-in-law's job. And her career change didn't go over so well. "Even though she lived 70 miles away from us, she decided to hold a holy grudge that has now stretched on for nine years," Alexandra says. "This grudge has included ostracizing my firstborn, who is her goddaughter, and also creating an enormous wedge in the family even after I apologized for any and all misunderstandings-at my mother-in-law's request, I might add." Nothing has worked yet, Alexandra reports, and the families still don't speak. "It's a shame and downright horrific," she says.