Bishop Michael Curry on How He Knew Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Really Loved Each Other

Bishop Michael Curry on How He Knew Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Really Loved Each Other

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There's no doubt about it: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are sooo in love. But in case you had any doubt, Bishop Michael Curry, who gave an address at the royal nuptials on May 19, is here to reassure you that their love is totally real.

Curry, who is from Chicago (Markle's alma mater!) didn't know the Duke and Duchess of Sussex before he gave an address at their wedding, but once he met them, he knew what they had wasn't just for show. “Once I realized this was really happening, it was a real blessing to be a part of that. Because what they did, you could see it. They actually love each other. They really do,” he told Us Weekly in an interview on Thursday, June 21. “They look at each other like they love each other. I remember thinking after the sermon, once I preached the sermon, I said, 'These two people love each other.' They look at each other, and their love brought the rest of us together.”

The bishop continued, adding that he could feel the couple's love for each other throughout his entire sermon. “Their love for each other brought two countries together, in Great Britain and the United States. They brought people of different religious perspectives and different religions together. They brought people of different political persuasions, people of different sexual orientations, people of different classes, people of different races, people of different nations,” he explained. “Their love, even if it was just for a few moments, showed us the power of what unselfish love that gives itself to another can actually do.”

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According to Curry, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle selected the scripture passage, and the bishop wrote the sermon on his own. But even though he could feel the love from the congregation at the chapel, he had no idea how big of waves his speech made. “I honestly didn't know what reaction there was to the sermon for almost 24 hours, because I had gone to a service. There were a thousand teenagers at a service in St. Alban's Cathedral. Literally, I left the reception and went up to the church. Then I got on an airplane the next morning,” he said. “I didn't know about Saturday Night Live. I didn't know about any of that until I got back here, a good 24 hours, so I had no idea. I didn't know the sermon connected. I really didn't. I'd say what surprised me, but in a hopeful way, for some reason the message of love resonated, which tells me we all are longing not only to be loved but to actually be people of love.”


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