Here's Why Meghan Trainor Hasn't Started Planning Her Wedding Yet

Here's Why Meghan Trainor Hasn't Started Planning Her Wedding Yet

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Though Meghan Trainor has spoken an awful lot about her engagement and her upcoming wedding, the singer says that she and her fiancГ©, Daryl Sabara, have yet to even start planning. The two have been engaged for a little over two months, but because of Trainor's hectic performance schedule-she's preparing to drop her upcoming third album and plans to go on a global tour soon-the two have put the big day on the back burner for now.

“I'm enjoying being engaged so much. And my manager said, 'It's in the schedule!' So a wedding is in the schedule, I guess!” Trainor told People in an interview.

The couple got engaged in December, just a day before Trainor's 24th birthday. Sabara, known for his role in Spy Kids, popped the question in a romantic holiday proposal, underneath a tunnel of Christmas lights. Trainor said that her fiancГ© is the inspiration behind a lot of her recent music.

“He's singing on every song. He was with me every day in the studio, just loving on me and being so cute,” Trainor says. “I had to slow down on the love songs because it was just easy for me. I'm so in love my dad started yelling at me, like, 'There's too many love songs! The album's not about Daryl!' I was like, 'But I'm happy and in a really good place now!'”

Trainor added that she knew there was something special about Sabara from the moment they started dating.

“I remember when I first started dating him, I said, 'Oh my God, think of the music, think of the songs,'” says Trainor. “It was like I could see into the future and predict, 'Wow, this album's going to be my favorite.' And it is. It's everything I hoped for.”

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Though the two have yet to establish any concrete wedding plans, Trainor's wedding entertainment is covered. Fellow musicians and The Four costars Sean "Diddy" Combs and DJ Khaled said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight they will absolutely be performing at the wedding.

"If I am at her wedding, believe me, I will get up on the stage," Diddy said of Trainor's big day. "I want to make sure I am doing a whole show."

DJ Khaled also offered up his services for the nuptials. "I have to perform," Khaled jumped in. "First of all, I get to see this amazing relationship grow everyday on set. It's a real relationship… when he proposed, she came to work that week… her fiancé, he's in there, swagged out, he's got a smile from here to here all day. I've never seen that man smile so much."

Even though her latest song is named "No Excuses," we think a world tour and a new album are some pretty good excuses for delaying the big day.