Prince Harry Saves Meghan Markle From a Tumble as She Wobbles Along a Cobblestone Walkway in Ireland

Prince Harry Saves Meghan Markle From a Tumble as She Wobbles Along a Cobblestone Walkway in Ireland

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The Irish fun just keeps rolling in for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, and no, there wasn't a Blarney Stone involved.

The newlyweds rang in Day Two of their official Irish visit-and their first royal tour as a married couple-by meeting the country's president, Michael D. Higgins, but we're not here to wax poetic about their talking politics. Per Express, the Duchess of Sussex tried to defy gravity by walking on a cobblestone pathway at Higgins's residence, only to be held up by her new hubby's arm every step of the way. (This isn't the first time Markle has almost taken a tumble due to her shoes -and had her gracious hubby give her a hand. Perhaps it can all be blamed on her reportedly choosing footwear a size too big to deal with heel-induced foot pain.) The heels that caused the misstep this time were Paul Andrew, People reports. She accompanied the chic black suede shoes with a grey boatneck Roland Mouret dress and black Fendi satchel, paired, of course, with her signature low bun. The couple's meeting with President Higgins and his wife, Sabina, also included hang time with their two Bernese Mountain dogs, the very Gaelic-sounding Brod and Sioda. They are so fluffy!


As Express notes, the duke and duchess then continued on-with outfit changes-to their second Irish engagement of the day, a Gaelic sports festival, where they watched very excited children play soccer with the help of some professional players. For this occasion, Markle let her hair down (literally) in loose, beachy waves, paired with a black power suit and black leather pumps-a daring choice for grassy areas, but no word on any stumbles yet.


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Markle has seemingly been doing nonstop engagements since returning from her honeymoon, last month. Just this week, she donned a low, respectable ponytail and an olive green fascinator for another occasion in London with Prince Harry, and yesterday, when arriving in Ireland, she rocked a deep green Givenchy pencil skirt and matching crewneck top when deboarding her private plane.


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