Eat These 5 Foods for the Steamiest Wedding Night Sex Ever

Eat These 5 Foods for the Steamiest Wedding Night Sex Ever

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Sexy lingerie shouldn't be the only thing on your wedding night shopping list-consider throwing in a trip to the grocery store for a few of these aphrodisiacs, too. Whether you believe in the idea of libido-boosting foods or not, experts say there are certain nutrients that can improve your sex life. So, in the weeks leading up to your big day, we recommend incorporating a few of these magical fruits and snacks into your normal diet and especially in those date night meals. It can't hurt, right?

Here are five foods you should eat to ensure more than satisfying wedding night sex:

Avocados: Rich in vitamin E, potassium, vitamin B6, and other vital nutrients, this super fruit is good for heart health and blood flow-two essentials for the maintenance of healthy sexual functions. Guacamole, anyone?

Almonds: Loaded with zinc, selenium, and vitamin E, this easy snack is packed with all of the nutritional heavyweights necessary for sexual health and reproduction-just in case you have babies on the brain. Almonds, like most nuts, also contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which help increase blood flow and can boost your mood.

Chili Peppers: Spicy peppers contain capsaicin, the compound that is responsible for creating the hot feeling in your mouth after consumption. While Capsaicin doesn't necessarily have any direct effect on your libido, the ingredient does cause an increase in heart rate, release of mood-boosting endorphins, and that tingly feeling on your tongue-all physical reactions similar to those experienced during sex. So while it won't technically boost your sex drive, it will get you thinking about hooking up, which is really all you need to jump-start a little rendezvous, anyway.

Okra: Brimming with zinc, potassium, and both vitamins B and C, the unlikely fruit is bursting with all of the goodness that promotes sexual health and keeps your game strong. Okra also contains a solid dose of magnesium, widely recognized as nature's relaxant which can help mellow you out before getting it on.

Pistachio Nuts: Packed with vitamin B6, potassium, manganese, and tons of antioxidants, these tiny pods are powerhouses of nourishment for a healthy sex life. The nuts are also loaded with a surprising amount of protein, which will fortify your energy levels and keep your endurance up for a steamy all-nighter. Studies show that pistachios contain essential amino acids that aid in the dilation of blood vessels and promote blood flow, possibly reducing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and supporting firmer erections.