Mr. Robot 's Carly Chaikin Is Engaged to Ryan Bunnell

Mr. Robot 's Carly Chaikin Is Engaged to Ryan Bunnell

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The labor of love! Mr. Robot star Carly Chaikin announced on Labor Day that she and her longtime boyfriend Ryan Bunnell are officially engaged. She shared the news with her fans on Instagram, hinting that she's been waiting for her now-fiancГ© to pop the question from the very beginning.

“If he had asked me one week in I would've said yes,” Chaikin wrote alongside a selfie with Bunnell, a director-producer. “But I've gotten to be with this man for almost 5 years and can't wait for it to be forever @dutchmayhem”

The sunny photo perfectly captures the actress and her fiancГ©'s smiling faces, plus Chaikin's flawless manicure and her shining diamond engagement ring. The sparkler looks like a sizable square-shaped diamond flanked by two trillion-cut stones. Chaikin also showed off her new jewels in a video she posted to Instagram of her dancing to BeyoncГ©'s "Single Ladies."

Back in January, the couple celebrated their fourth anniversary together. “It's been 4 years and I somehow manage to love you more and more every day,” Chaikin wrote under a picture of herself and Bunnell cozied up on a boat. “Happy anniversary @dutchmayhem”

Since announcing her engagement, Chaikin has yet to share any other proposal details or wedding plans, but who can blame this busy bride? The Hollywood Reporter announced last week that production for the fourth and final season of Mr. Robot will begin in the winter for a premiere in 2019.

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Chaikin sounds a little too swamped to select any wedding dresses and wedding colors right now, but hopefully she won't keep us waiting too long. The people need details!


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