10 Simple Floral Wedding Centerpieces

10 Simple Floral Wedding Centerpieces

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If you're stumped on direction to give your florist, the amount of inspiration out there can be overwhelming. Not only that, but so much of what is out there on Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs are so over-the-top it really doesn't help the couple that wants something a little more, eh, budget friendly. And even if budget isn't your primary concern, huge and extravagant centerpieces may just not be your thing. Because, sometimes simpler is just better.

Now don't get us wrong, simple doesn't have to equate to boring or dull-no no! We've seen some absolutely stunning arrangements that are clean and minimal and totally on-trend.

Simple doesn't just mean minimal, either-it can mean that the amount of “ingredients” used in your centerpieces is limited to one or two types of flower or greenery. Or, it could mean that instead of a lush and overflowing arrangement you have a collection of smaller bud vases running down your tables or clustered in the middle of each. Maybe simple means you use a wide variety of flowers but only use a single stem in each vessel! Or, maybe it means that you stick to flowers of only one color, say, white, and the rest of the lushness comes from the greenery in your arrangements. However you want to bring in to your wedding, there are so many beautiful ways to bring simplicity into your arrangements! Here are some of our favorite ways to execute simple floral wedding centerpieces.

Photo Courtesy of Fox Fodder Farm on Instagram

An almost Ikebana take on wedding flowers, this branchy, structural centerpiece by Fox Fodder Farm would work perfectly on a larger scale as a bar arrangement, or accompanied by smaller bud vases along your table with single stems!

Lane Dittoe

All-white blooms, including elegant calla lilies, were placed in simple glass containers of different shapes to create a polished centerpiece setup.

Photo by Mink Photography; Planning & Design by Perfect The Event; Floral Design by Three Petals; Rentals by Something Borrowed Party Rentals

Lush bougainvillea draped loosely down the center of the table as a make-shift runner adds color and vibrance to an otherwise minimal table.

Mix small copper (trending!) vessels with matte white bud vases and fill with greenery and minimal florals and even some pampas grass (also trending) for a modern and simple color palette.

Photo by Hailey Howard Photography

It doesn't get more simple than mono-fleur (aka, using only one type of flower). Talk to your florist about what's in peak seasonality for your wedding date (in this case it was lilac) and then have them go to work arranging using only that flower. Unless of course the answer is peonies, which could be pretyyy expensive unless you are using single stems!

Photo by Our Labor of Love

Having a tropical wedding? You don't have to go all birds of paradise and hibiscus, try having your florist source local greenery in varying sizes and then arranging them as single stems in clear bottles (not mason jars!). This is also a really great budget saver!

Photo by Polina Vinogradova

Instead of preciously designed, tight and neat arrangements, try having your florist design centerpieces that are looser and feel more natural, maybe with wildflowers instead of big face flowers like peonies or garden roses.

Photo by Paul O'Reilly

Anthuriums are trending big time right now, and since they're such a prominent element in any arrangement, just adding a couple of single stems in the same color palette and some structural greens pares this down so as not to make it too over-the-top.

Photo by Meg Smith Photography

It doesn't get simpler than this-anemones make for perfect single or double stems grouped en masse to make more of an impact. Their meandering stems and graphic coloring make them perfect as a star flower for your tables!

Photo by Jose Villa; Florals by Sarah Winward

This beautiful white fritillaria plant is so delicate and organic, it doesn't even need to be accompanied by any extra greenery or flowers-just a few candles.