20 Alternatives to Boutonnieres

20 Alternatives to Boutonnieres

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While floral boutonnieres are always a lovely choice, let's face it-not all guys are into flowers. So if that's the case with your groom, then get creative with a more unique, out-of-the-box boutonniere that truly reflects his interests, style, and personality.

To help, we've rounded up some of the coolest alternative boutonniere ideas from around the web. There's a style for every guy, from a miniature drum-kit boutonniere for the groom who's in a band, to an heirloom brooch-turned-bout for the groom who wants to honor his family. Not to mention a Yoda boutonniere for the ultimate Star Wars fan! We've also incorporated favorite wedding themes, like a nautical-rope option if you're planning a preppy celebration by the sea, or an unexpected boutonniere fashioned from a spiky air plant-perfect if you're envisioning a more modern and hip affair.

In case the last time your groom donned a boutonniere was for his high school prom, here's a quick refresher. The boutonniere, named after the French word for buttonhole, is traditionally worn by the groom and groomsmen on the left lapel of his suit, sport jacket, or blazer. It's important that the boutonniere is hardy enough to withstand an evening of hugs from relatives-all the more reason to forgo a fresh-flower boutonniere in favor of something that won't wilt under pressure. Bonus: these non-floral alternatives also double as a wedding keepsake that will last long after the last dance. Read on to get inspired and see the 20 alternative boutonniere ideas that made our list.

Redfield Photography

For a modern, hip alternative to a floral boutonniere, consider a tiny tillandsia (a.k.a. air plant).

The Legacy Boutique

A sweet bird-nest boutonniere is sure to elicit tons of "awws" at the wedding.

Raya Carlisle Photography

Incorporating a family heirloom like a beautiful brooch is a meaningful way to add a personal touch to his wedding-day attire.

Zev Fisher Photography

If your groom is a whiz in the kitchen, pay homage to his culinary skills with an entirely edible boutonniere, like this one fashioned from a baby carrot and fresh herbs like rosemary and lavender.

Wrensch Lombard Photography

Is your groom a talented shutterbug? Surprise with him with a custom boutonniere by Fritts Rosenow that shows off his favorite hobby.

n. barrett photography

A tuft of cotton embellished with a pink-ribbon bow makes for a sweet and unexpected boutonniere.

Love, The Nelsons

Does your man play in a band? Fashion a playful boutonniere using ribbon and a miniature drum kit for him to don on his lapel.

Elyse Hall Photography

For a wedding accessory that will last long after the celebration, opt for a floral boutonniere fashioned from colorful felt.

Ben Yew

A pocket square made entirely of fresh blooms, like this thistle-and delphinium-filled design by Flower Talk, is a totally unique, chic way to accessorize his wedding-day look.

Christian Oth Studio

Miniature chalkboards hand-lettered with your groom's initials? Why not!

JPP Studios

If your groom is an avid golfer, tie several colorful wooden tees together to form a sporty decoration for his jacket.

Kate Osborne Photography

At this wedding, the men's lapels were colorfully decorated with fresh kumquats mixed with olive leaves and euphorbia.

Sweet Tea Photography

Another edible boutonniere idea: mini pineapples! This idea is perfect for a destination wedding in the tropics.

Keepsake Memories Photography

Going for a nautical wedding look? Complement the dГ©cor with rope-knot boutonnieres embellished with miniature starfish.

Jules Morgan Photography

Love this idea: Laser-cut boutonnieres for the groom and his attendants incorporating nicknames, wedding roles, and inside jokes.

AnushГ© Low

Up for a DIY project? Fashion these stylish paper-flower boutonnieres using origami paper in your wedding's color scheme.

Kella MacPhee

Or, for something more playful and whimsical, whip up paper-pinwheel boutonnieres for the men to pair with their suits.

Jonathan Hickerson Photography

Incorporate your love for Scrabble by turning a tile in his initial into an adorable boutonniere.

Ozzy Garcia

Your groom will certainly stand out wearing a stylish miniature wreath fashioned from fresh greenery on his jacket.

Red White and Green

Pay homage to his favorite movie of all time with a Star Wars-themed boutonniere (love this Lego Yoda!).


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