10 Dog Weddings to Give You All the Warm Fuzzies

10 Dog Weddings to Give You All the Warm Fuzzies

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We here at Brides see an overwhelming amount of cute stuff, so our threshold for Awwws may be higher than most. Still, when we peeped these dog weddings from Hoboken Girl, we couldn't handle; there was a borderline-excessive use of exclamation marks and heart-eye emojis.

The concept for the portfolio came from photographer/part-time dog walker Will Ferman (Swear we didn't make up his name), who has consistently been a fur-man when it comes to his work. "I've always felt more comfortable shooting dogs," he says. "I've gotten approached to photograph weddings, but found it intimidating. I thought it would be fun to first test myself with dog weddings before I shot a human wedding."

Finding furry volunteers, and owners willing to procure pet-sized wedding attire, was easy enough. "Hoboken's a pretty small town," says Jessica Gilbert, whose Goldendoodle Mack was the first groom Ferman photographed, by the ferry overlooking NYC. Gilbert and Ferman had seen each other around the Mile Square neighborhood and became friends on Instagram, which is where Ferman reached out to her about including Mack in his puppy nuptials. "And we're all crazy dog-people," Gilbert says.

Lexi Caruso, who owns the handsome Karl ("I think he knows he's super photogenic."), acknowledged her boyfriend sometimes teases her about her fanatic affection for Karl, especially during Karl's pseudo-"puptials" with French bulldog Nala. "I obviously think Karl's perfect," she says. "It was so embarrassing because I was like, 'I'm upset that my son is getting married today.' My boyfriend was like, 'This is our dog. You need to calm down.'"

Don't worry, ladies. We get it. They say that puppy love is fleeting, but doggone it-these darling doggy weddings are going stay with us for a long, long time.

Lady & Mack

Will Ferman / Hoboken Girl

Mack has been featured multiple times on Hoboken Girl, and is a celebrity of sorts around these parts. Samson made an appearance at Mack's one-year birthday party, and per typical A-lister behavior, Mack staged this fake relationship for press purposes.

Mack and his bride, Lady, actually happen to be from the same breeder, River Valley Doodles, in upstate New York and are half-siblings. "It's kinda creepy," laughs Gilbert at the union Г la Game of Thrones. "Our breeder saw the wedding on Instagram and was cracking up." The River Valley Doodles have become so popular in the Hoboken area that the dogs and their owners have formed a special community. "It's adorable-we've all just kinda become friends through the dogs," says Gilbert. "We get them together all the time. It's better than the dog park. We can drink wine and the dogs can just run around and play in someone's apartment."

Bear & Indigo

Will Ferman / Hoboken Girl

Simba & Bear

Will Ferman / Hoboken Girl

Hudson & Nala

Will Ferman / Hoboken Girl

Teddy & Snax

Will Ferman / Hoboken Girl

Reggie & Mara

Will Ferman / Hoboken Girl

Cole & Oakley

Will Ferman / Hoboken Girl

Franklin & Pierre

Will Ferman / Hoboken Girl

Sunny & Greyson

Will Ferman / Hoboken Girl

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Karl & Nala

Will Ferman / Hoboken Girl

Caruso and Karl met Nala and her owner Jess at the dog park in their shared building, and both pairs became fast friends. "Karl likes to play with the small dogs, even though he thinks he's a really big one," says Caruso. When tasked with finding Karl a bride, Caruso knew the two dogs, who both weigh exactly 24 pounds, would be a great match aesthetically as well. As is the case with human weddings, the big day was accompanied by its own set of challenges. The tuxedo and wedding gown were too small, and the larger sizes didn't make it in time for the shoot. Luckily, the restricting clothes actually helped the pups sit tight so photographing them was a breeze. "Karl sat there frozen like a little stone because he was sucking in so hard," says Caruso.

And how is married life treating the canine companions since? "I was so disappointed in Karl because he got married and now they pretty much completely ignore each other," says Caruso. "But, it's so funny because all the boy dogs really like Nala at the dog park, and you can tell Karl gets jealous. It's like their little game they play where he ignores her and she gets really upset, but then the second someone else is interested in her, he's comes to her aid. He just stands there like, 'No. This is mine.' ”


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