The Internet Is Divided Over Meghan Markle's New "Accent" in Twitter Video

The Internet Is Divided Over Meghan Markle's New "Accent" in Twitter Video

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So far, royal life seems to be Suiting the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, quite well, and perhaps all her bonding time with the Queen is starting to further solidify her position within the British royal fam in more ways than one.

During her official visit to Chester, England with Queen Elizabeth, a Givenchy-clad Meghan attended the opening ceremony for the Mersey Gateway Bridge, met with local schoolchildren, and dined at the Chester Town Hall. Minus a tiny royal faux pas, nothing was too out of the ordinary during this royal engagement… except, however, the way Meghan spoke, which the Internet was quick to pick up on.

A video posted to Twitter by a user named Aya El Zeiny shows the Duchess of Sussex greeting well-wishers in the Chester community. The 36-year-old American shook hands and introduced herself (as if she needed an introduction… ) to the crowd, including Aya, who declared, "I've been a fan of you for so long." The video continues as Markle moves down the line of citizens, thanking those who congratulated her on the recent royal wedding.

While it's difficult to tell for sure in the short snippet, many social media users pointed out that the Duchess seems to be losing her American accent, in favor of a slightly more British dialect. But, we're getting horrid flashbacks of the "Yanny vs. Laurel" sensation, with the Internet divided on Meghan's apparent articulation.

Some deemed it normal that Meghan would adopt a British accent after living in the country for a brief stint of time.

But, not everyone agreed.

On the other hand, others believed that Meghan, who is unfortunately no stranger to criticism, was simply "acting" and feigning the English-sounding pronunciation.

Some were even skeptical that the video proved any form of non-American accent at all.

But, one user summed up the perfect response:

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Regardless of however she may be speaking, Meghan appears to be seamlessly integrating into her new royal lifestyle, including seemingly getting along swimmingly with Prince Harry's family-the Queen even extended an exclusive invite for Meghan to ride on her royal train. Here's hoping that non-royal Twitter users will find better things to do with their time than troll the Duchess of Sussex, like watching Suits or partaking in some sort of fundraising activity.