7 Cute Ways To Add Marquee Letters to Your Reception Decor

7 Cute Ways To Add Marquee Letters to Your Reception Decor

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Light Up Your Initials

Photo by Katie Shuler

One of the most popular ways to incorporate this retro-style lighting in your reception decor is to use both partner's initials to give a simple yet bold pop of light in the venue. Though they look good against any backdrop, we recommend adding them to your cocktail bar decor, like this couple did at their glam California nuptials.

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Illuminate Your Wedding Message

Photo by Crystal Liepa

We love the way this couple added a stunning pop of color to their dance floor by mixing up their marquee letter fonts. Instead of sticking to a single style, this couple combined the traditional marquee-style letters with neon colors and bright back-lit text to write out their wedding message, "The World Is Yours" at their winter wedding celebration.

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Show Off Your New Titles

Rad + In Love

This Mr. and Mrs. signs won't let anyone forget whose day it is. This couple worked their sign into a display wall, which not only worked as decor, but also served as another source of light in their dimly-lit reception venue.

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Play With Calligraphy

Photo by Birds of a Feather Photography

Who says marquee letters need to be an all-caps font? Use a combination of typefaces, like this cursive marquee sign matched with block wooden letters, for a dynamic look in your decor. Make it even more fun by incorporating your favorite lyric or wedding quote, like this couple did at their California coast barn wedding.

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Opt for Big and Bold

Photo by KT Merry

Give your guests a show-stopping display with oversized marquee letters. While this look may be a little much for the ceremony, it's the perfect addition to a reception dance floor. And, obviously, it looks gorgeous against a beach backdrop if you're thinking of destination wedding decor.

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Add Daytime Decor

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

Just because they're lights doesn't mean they need to be saved for the evening. The 'LOVE' sign from this quaint, outdoor Pennsylvania wedding adds an extra vintage detail to the reception decor. Pair weathered wood accents with the worn metallic letters for a natural vintage look.

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Say Your 'I Dos'

Photo by Babb Photo

What better way to combine reception decor and the perfect photo op than with an oversized 'I Do' in marquee? This couple stunned in their wedding photos by adding this romantic touch to their reception, making for some unforgettable shots.