14 Products You Need for a Stylish (and Organized!) Vanity

14 Products You Need for a Stylish (and Organized!) Vanity

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Hawkins Copper and Brass Louise Trays

Food 52

You're definitely going to want some trays to corral items like loose jewelry and perfume bottles. The multifunctional enamel beauties come in a range of sizes and 14 luscious colors.

SHOP NOW: Food 52, $50- $120

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Gold Cutout and Glass Storage Box

World Market

Look outside the bedroom for organizing inspiration (in this case, the kitchen). This delicate glass box is meant for storing tea, but the six triangular compartments inside are perfect for storing earrings and rings.

SHOP NOW: World Market, $26.99

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Waterworks Luna Marble Tray


This modern marble tray is part of a bath collection, but the flat surface and subtle edge make it the ideal spot to place rows of perfume bottles.

SHOP NOW: Zola, was 74.99, now $59.99

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Crystal Jewelry Organizer

Urban Outfitters

Sometimes vertical is the way to go, especially if you have a lot of necklaces and bracelets. This stand features clear quartz knobs to hang delicate chains so they stay tangle-free, and a small dish at the bottom to collect smaller items.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $39

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Gold Arch Wall Mirror

Joss and Main

If your vanity is set up on a small table or a low dresser, a large mirror (whether it's hung on the wall or just leaning against it) can make the vanity area feel more like a glam dressing table.

SHOP NOW: Joss and Main, $323

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Simplehuman Sensor Mirror


While a large mirror is great for the overall look of the space, a more petite standing mirror is helpful for smaller tasks. This high-tech, cordless tabletop mirror simulates natural sunlight for flawless makeup application.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $199.99

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Kate Spade Ring Dish


Rings can easily get lost in a larger jewelry box. Stack them up in this small dish and you'll never misplace them!

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $50

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Reed and Barton Modern Lines Jewelry Box


Keep everything together (and protected) in this gorgeous lacquer box. The velvet-lined interior trays have dedicated compartments for everything from delicate rings to large earrings.

SHOP NOW: Lenox, $200

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Karuma Platter


It's good to have a base tray if you're going with lots of smaller dishes and boxes (it helps keep the surface from looking too cluttered). This glazed terra cotta one is meant for the dining room, but the soft colors and useful oblong shape makes it perfect for the vanity.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $58

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Lacquer Compartment Jewelry Tray

The White Company

If you're lucky enough to have a vanity with drawers, these felt-lined lacquer dividers are great for keeping clutter off the surfaces (although these trays are pretty enough to keep on display if you like!).

SHOP NOW: The White Company, $44

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Marble Stash Box

Urban Outfitters

Keep utilitarian items (we're talking all those bobby pins and hair ties) out of view with a modern lidded box.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $18

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Ballarat Vase


A short, wide-mouthed vase is perfect for displaying makeup brushes and eye pencils.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $24

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Mini White Lacquer Frances Desk Organizer

World Market

The office and desk supply section is another good spot to find cool accessories for your vanity. This little organizer will keep your brushes, pencils and other small items separated and easy to find.

SHOP NOW: World Market, $14.99

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Quartz Perfume Bottle

Z Gallerie

Decant rosewater or a scented oil into this pretty, crystal-topped container.

SHOP NOW: Z Gallerie, $49.95


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