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The Best Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts for Every Budget

The Best Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts for Every Budget

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Under $100

Courtesy of Charles & Keith

Charm detail bracelet, $19, Charles & Keith available at

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Crescent Star Necklace

Courtesy of Ragen

Crescent star necklace in 14k gold, $95, Ragen available at

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BaYou with Love x Dell Opal and Ball Ring

Courtesy of Bayou with Love

Opal and ball ring made from recycled computers, $98, BaYou with Love x Dell available at

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Eyland Hoop Earrings

Courtesy of Eyland

Erika hoop earrings with green Swarovski stones in 9k yellow gold, $89, Eyland available at

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Littionary Intial Skinny Bar Bracelet

Courtesy of Littionary

Initial skinny bar bracelet in 14k gold, $60, Littionary available at

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Madewell Star Earrings

Courtesy of Madewell

Star earrings, $28, Madewell available at

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Under $300

Courtesy of Ippolita

Medium squiggle hoop earrings in sterling silver, $195, Ippolita available at

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Meadowlark Micro Heart Ring

Courtesy of Meadowlark

Micro heart ring with thai garnet in 9k yellow gold, $275, Meadowlark available at

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Catbird Sweet Nothing 14K Gold Bracelet

Courtesy of Net-A-Porter

Sweet nothing 14k gold bracelet, $105, Catbird available at

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Sterling Silver Infinity Ring

Courtesy of Smith + Mara

Sterling silver infinity ring, $265, Smith + Mara available at

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Miansai Thai Reeve Cuff Rose

Courtesy of Miansai

Thin reeve cuff in rose, $195, Miansai available at

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Dannijo Beck Earrings

Courtesy of Dannijo

Beck earrings, $195, Dannijo available at

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Under $500

Courtesy of Littionary

Emerald and diamond 14k yellow gold open circle earring, $325, Littionary available at

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ZOГ‹ CHICCO Itty Bitty Hearts Bracelet

Courtesy of Zoe Chicco

Itty bitty hearts bracelet in 14k yellow gold, $325, ZOГ‹ CHICCO available at

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Tiffany Paloma's Graffiti Forever Pendant

Courtesy of Tiffany

Paloma's graffiti forever pendant in 18k rose gold, $485, Tiffany available at

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Anna Sheffield Attelage Plain Cuff

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

Attelage plain cuff in sterling silver, $400, Anna Sheffield available at

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Tacori Crescent Crown Studs

Courtesy of Tacori

Crescent crown studs featuring black onyx in sterling silver and 18k yellow gold, $450, Tacori available at

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Aurate Connection Necklace

Courtesy of AUrate

Connection necklace in 14k gold, $380, Aurate available at

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Under $1,000

Courtesy of Zoe Chicco

Mixed diamond double huggie hoops in 14k yellow gold, $925, ZOГ‹ CHICCO available at

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Hestia Jewels Strength Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Hestia Jewels

Strength diamond ring in 18k yellow gold, $820, Hestia Jewels available at

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Monica Vinader Signature Rose Gold Vermeil Diamond Bracelet

Courtesy of Net-A-Porter

Signature rose gold vermeil diamond bracelet, $995, Monica Vinader available at

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Jennifer Meyer Love You 18k Yellow Gold Earrings

Courtesy of Net-A-Porter

Love You 18k yellow gold earrings, $550, Jennifer Meyer available at

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Anna Sheffield Bea Arrow Necklace

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

Bea arrow necklace with emeralds in 14k yellow gold, $975, Anna Sheffield available at

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Eriness Diamond Circle Ring

Courtesy of Eriness/Saulius T.Kondrotas

Diamond circle ring in 14k yellow gold, $950, Eriness available at

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Under $2,000

Courtesy of Memo

Orange sapphire huggies in 14k yellow gold, $1,355, Jane Taylor available at

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Selin Kent Ersa Pear Diamond on Yellow Gold Chain

Courtesy of Selin Kent

Ersa pear diamond on yellow gold chain, $1,350, Selin Kent available at

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Eva Fehren Kissing Claw Ring

Courtesy of Eva Fehren

The kissing claw ring in 18k rose gold, $1,625, Eva Fehren available at

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EF Collection Diamond Love You Bracelet

Courtesy of EF Collection

Diamond love you bracelet in 14k white gold, $1,250, EF Collection available at

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Amulette de Cartier Necklace

Courtesy of Cartier

Amulette de cartier necklace with diamonds and white mother-of-pearl in yellow gold, $1,890, Cartier available at

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Pili Restrepo Suno 10k Yellow and White Gold Bracelet

Courtesy of Moda Operandi

Suno 10k yellow and white gold bracelet with lemon chrysoprase and pink opal, $1,800, Pili Restrepo available at

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Under $5,000

Courtesy of Tiffany

Diamond pendant on 16" 18k gold chain, $4,800, Tiffany Victoria available at

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Jane Taylor Cirque 14k Rose Gold Cuff

Courtesy of Memo

Cirque 14k rose gold cuff with rubies and diamonds, $3,775, Jane Taylor available at

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Hueb Romance 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings

Courtesy of Moda Operandi

Romance 18k yellow gold diamond earrings, $2,690, Hueb available at

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Daria De Koning Dagny 18k Yellow Gold Multi-Stone Stacking Ring

Courtesy of Moda Operandi

Dagny 18k yellow gold multi-stone stacking ring, $4,000, Daria De Koning available at

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Kataoka Tapered Diamond Drop Earrings

Courtesy of Kataoka

Tapered diamond drop earrings in 18k gold, $2,280, Kataoka available at

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Fernando Jorge Diamonds in 18k Yellow Gold Sequence Ring

Courtesy of Matches Fashion

Diamonds in 18kt yellow gold sequence ring, $2,672, Fernando Jorge available at


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